Videoinstallation und C-Prints Cyberface REN


Irene Andessner, „Cyberface REN“,  – Nexus 7/copy , Nexus 8/copy, Nexus 9/copy, jew. C-Print, 80 x 100 cm, 1998


Although ‘Cyberface Ren’ was originally created almost twenty years ago, it already anticipates a future, which is echoed by the present fourth Industrial Revolution ‘Industry 4.0’.

Chip-fed, software-guided hardware. An engineering achievement through which the management term “human engineering” acquires an organic design dimension. Previous humanoid life takes place on the monitor drawing board – in the form of 3D animated vector graphics with which the evolutionary process of trial and error is anticipated.

Irene Andessner portrays herself as a guinea pig for the work of manipulation, but also for the unpredictability of real humans. She keeps hold of the command over the self-creative successes or un-successes: proposals for a likeness suitable for mass-production come into being, fail and disappear with “COPY”, “IGNORE!”, “ERROR”, “RESET”. The “Cyberface” video can be regarded as the manipulation, replication and elimination of the self-portrait. Or as the statement of a replicant who specialises in self-portraits.